Our Full Service Package Backed up by the Stability of Blacknight means you can rest easy.

Most companies we work for are smaller, don't have an IT Department and depend on us to handle thier email and website needs. The fact that we are involved in web design means we interact with the tecky guys on a daily basis. WE Speak thier language, understand thier question and know thier DIRECT phone line. The stabily of Blacknights Servers is renowned. The Backup service is un-parrelled. That why we host with Blacknight. Blacknight are Ireland's Daddy of hosting. With chat service we are ready to sort any issues, right when they happen. Our stable backed up servers are there for your website, domain name and email service. We ensure that you understand and if you don't understad, we do and we make it all work for you.

Our servers are backed up nightly so whatever your data needs what ever your email requirements. No Borders Media is there for you.