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Video Pieces We Have Created

No Borders Media are a creative video crew based in Northern Ireland & Ireland.

Our video production and post production services include creative development, live action filming and post production.

We create engaging, emotive work that help people to connect with communities, companies and stories in the right way. Based between two counties in the parish of Clones Co Monaghan, our office and studio are in Co. Fermanagh



When you need a good promo,

A Series of promos for Monaghan County Council

Monaghan Town Tour Guides

Videos we have created for Monaghan town tours.

Monaghan Town Tour Guides

An odd look at Clones town, Known for its Odness.

Clones Heritage Trail

Teasers for the heritage trail which can ONLY be seen in Clones town

Home county

While i work mostlyn in southern Ireland, I've done bits and pieces here in fermanagh too

We are proud to be involved with Community projects through the years

Over the years we've done some work with music!

Introduced great ways to grow at home

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Growing with the web since 1999 No Borders media Webdesign and Hosting are growing with the times.