Hartre Peat sell a very specific product World wide, so they neede a multi language website to reach thier customers far and wide. They alsoi needed some video shorts to explain the specifics of thier service. We handled all of these different MEDIA's for them. 

This was a website upgrade for Harte Peat. Thay had an old website that was just not up to par andy more for a company with this internationl reputation. Over the course of sebveral meetings we got to know the detail of thier products and how best to write the text for thier website so that it woukld do well in various search engines. Leaving the video production to after we had written the website enabled us to know the specifics of how to write the scripts for thier 3 videos. 

Video content has skyrocketed over the past few years, and therefore it is vital to add topic relevent videos to your website as this will impact in a positive way your search engine rankings.

Harte Peat embraceed this concept and helped us stortyboard, write, shoot and edit thier topic relevent videos. Now with a website optimised for search engines Harte peat are on the first page in Google for a search for "mushroom casing ireland" 

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